Center Benefactors

The Center is fortunate to have a number of supporters. In addition to Center staff members and volunteers, these include philanthropic foundations, family and friends, professional trainers and consultants in the field, and private citizens who believe in our work and our mission. And, of course, it includes our clients themselves. We are grateful for the support and contributions of all of our benefactors, some of whom wish to remain anonymous and others whom we recognize below:

Organization Benefactors

Bremer Foundation
Bush Foundation
Merrigan Construction
McKnight Foundation
The Minneapolis Foundation
Quaker Hill Foundation
Archie D. and Bertha H. Walker Foundation

Individual Benefactors

Julie Andrus
Myra Barrett
Harry Brull
Genie Dixon
Rita Franchett
Marty Gerkey
Candace Lautt
Kari Lunsford
Rosemarie Merrigan
Tim Merrigan
Harold Mincey
Shirley Mincey
Louise Miner
Phebe S. Miner
Wendy Morris
Michael O'Bryan
Mary O'Hara
Thomas Olson
Barbara Raye
Russell Reetz
Ann Warner Roberts
Bernie Saunders
Connie Saunders
George H. Saunders
Ames Sheldon
Mary Jane Steinhagen
Tinora Sweeten
Carol Swenson
Rob Wilcox
Carole Zimbroli
Joseph Zimbrolt