Center Fee Schedule

Center programs which are funded by grants generally involve no fees as such; but the Center does maintain a fee schedule for certain consulting and training services. Our fees are based in part on the prevailing levels in the applicable local nonprofit market where we provide the service. For example, the market conditions of the Twin Cities metropolitan area (of Minneapolis and St Paul) differ dramatically from that of Nairobi, Kenya and Iasi, Romania, and so our rates will naturally reflect these different conditions.

Our fee structure excludes costs for travel, lodging, meals, materials etc. which are billable as separate invoice items. Any travel associated with training sessions is billed at regular training rate. Two or more days are billed as package with a discount for the second day. If training requires a new design or a trial run with a test audience, we bill at the consulting hourly rate and 1/2 day training rate.

As a general rule, our fees and rates are calculated on an hourly basis, but this is negotiable within the terms of the contract or proposal. Workshop fees depend on the level of attendance, type of workshop, and degree of participation. All initial assessments carry no charge for the first hour.