Center Purpose

The Center's purpose is to empower communities through ethical leadership.

Center Mission

To amplify the effectiveness of indigenous change agents to build the capacity of their people, communities, and organizations.

We seek to produce results that respect and honor the whole individual, use power ethically in relationships that are mutually accountable, and build and sustain violence-free communities. The vision of social justice we strive to achieve is based on and consists in (1) relationships of mutual accountability and respect, (2) homes, workplaces, and communities that are free of violence, and (3) no disparity of access, participation, or outcome based on social classification.

Center Core Values

Means and ends are inextricably linked and one cannot be divorced from the other. A systems approach acknowledges the fundamental relationship between the desired outcome of a policy, the processes used for planning and implementing it, and the criteria and data used to evaluate its effectiveness.

Effective government and mission/results-driven nonprofits contribute significantly to safe, healthy, and empowered communities.

Ethical behavior, appropriate boundaries, and focus on mission define integrity. Nothing is effective without integrity.

We all exist in relationship. Nothing can affect any of us without also affecting all of us.

People who are affected by an action have a right to define and influence the decision-making processes that lead to that action.

Action must always be taken within the unique context and culture of an organization and the communities it serves.

The most powerful source of leadership is an individual (or group of individuals) acting as a reflective agent of change from their own place of influence.

An effective organization has a decentralized decision-making process which is held together by core values, a shared vision, and clearly defined outcomes.