Our Philosophy of Service

Our name describes a core principle and unique approach to our work. We believe there is a fundamental relationship between the three elements of policy, planning, and performance, and this belief is reflected in the cohesion of our programs and our consulting and training services in these three areas:

Public policy, organization mission, or the desired outcome for a program or initiative.

Processes of engagement, inclusion, and planning used to translate that policy into practice.

Accountability and measures of effectiveness for individuals, organizations and systems.

This systems approach brings both integrity and effectiveness. It also allows us to help our client organizations “walk the talk” and (to paraphrase Gandhi) to be the future they imagine and seek to create in the world.

A specific theory of change guides our decisions about the nature of our work and about where and how we work with our clients and partners:

Individual change agents must use their power ethically from their own place of influence.

Change agents must master and use processes of change within the context and culture of the organizations and communities they serve.

Change agents must engage others in a shared vision and must share power equitably to create a movement of those most affected by the change to make it their own.

Change agents must celebrate and consciously attend to the inculcation of the change into the culture and traditions of the organization.

For more information about our services in these areas, visit our Consulting and Training Page and also our Programs Page.