Meet the Center Team and Board

Lacotref Bibbs
Administrative Assistant

Pat Clark
Programs and Development

Pat Clark is the former Executive Director for the Fellowship of Reconciliation, (FOR) an interfaith and international movement advocating for peace, justice and nonviolence. The National office of FOR is involved in programs that advocate for demilitarization and nuclear disarmament, racial and economic justice and peaceful resolution of conflicts.

Prior to coming to work with the Fellowship of Reconciliation she worked with the American Friends Service Committee for eight years as their National Criminal justice representative. There she focused on criminal justice issues such as death penalty, prison control units, hate violence and restorative justice, juvenile justice, prison reform and alternatives to incarceration. In her work on the death penalty she served as a major spokesperson. Her presentations and interviews have included Stanford University, Boalt Law School at UC Berkeley, CNN, TIME magazine, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post and National Public Radio.

From 1985-1990 Pat worked with the Southern Poverty Law Center, eventually becoming the director of the Klanwatch Project where she and her staff monitored the activities of the Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacist organizations and conducted research that was used in litigation against these organizations and for general education. She has served as a major spokesperson for Klanwatch and the Southern Poverty Law Center and her presentations and appearances include testifying before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, Columbia Law School, Yale Divinity School, NBC Today Show, CBS West 57th Street and CBS World News.

Pat began her social justice work with Habitat for Humanity International in what was then known as Zaire, Africa. As a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity from 1970-1982 in Zaire she directed and finished the construction 117 homes; directed the work of over 50 laborers and craftsmen. She also initiated and oversaw the construction of a women’s center for villagers and helped to set up a cooperative store.

Pat has also developed an experimental garden and coordinated and/or instructed academic and vocational classes for non-English speakers.

Community activities include:

United for Peace and Justice Steering Committee, 2003-Present
Southern Poverty Law Center Board of Directors; 1990-Present
Juvenile Justice Project of Louisiana Board of Directors; 1998-Present
Murder Victim Families for Reconciliation Board of Directors; 1992-2002
Pennsylvania Prison Society Board of Directors; 1996-2002
Moratorium Campaign Advisory Board; 1999-Present
Habitat for Humanity International Board of Advisors; 1989-Present
Habitat for Humanity International Board of Directors; 1983-1989
National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty, Board of Directors 1990-1996

Terry Donovan
Consultant and Trainer

Terry has over fifteen years of consulting experience with government organizations — particularly in the areas of mergers and performance measurement. He has worked extensively within Minnesota local and state government in the areas of public health, corrections, and human services. With Janet Hagberg he is co-author of Learning Styles and Conflict Style assessment tools which are used throughout the country. Terry serves on the Center Board of Directors and is one of the Center's founding contributors. He makes his home in the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

Linda Harvey
Program Director, Consultant, Trainer, and Mediator

Linda Harvey began her career as a social worker in 1963 and as a community volunteer she has started numerous organizations to meet human needs. She has been a mediator for fifteen years in the areas of family and the workplace as well as in victim-offender cases dealing with homicide, religious sexual misconduct, embezzlement, community, and human rights cases. She is an active member of Association for Conflict Resolution and has served as co-chair of the Restorative and Criminal Justice Section.

Linda practices and provides training in traditional mediation, transformative mediation (one of 35 candidates to pilot nationally), and restorative justice. She has presented at numerous mediation workshops and she is a published writer in the field. In 2002 she was the fifth person inducted into the University of Kentucky Social Work Hall of Fame.

Linda works also as a project coordinator, consultant, trainer, and mediator for the Center for Policy, Planning, and Performance. She is a columnist and journalist for religious press and serves as Workshop Chair for Reconciliation Networks of the World and also as the Kentucky Coordinator for the African Fund for Relief and Education. For the Center, Linda is the Program Director of the Restorative Justice Council on Sexual Misconduct in Faith Communities. She makes her home in Lexington, Kentucky.

Qamar Ibrahim
Consultant and Trainer

Qamar is the founder and Executive Director for LEAD Group (Leadership Empowerment and Development Group). She is a tireless advocate for bringing together African communities to a common good and a unified voice. Her work with the Partnership of African Communities (PAC) is one such initiative which has gone a long way toward this goal.

Other highlights include Qamar's work with the American Public Health Association, the Office of Refugee Resettlement, the Horn of Africa Initiative, and the Somali Community of Washington DC. In her career Qamar has filled many roles, most prominent among them are those with Oxfam America for which she served as the Somalia Disaster Response Coordinator as well as the Program Coordinator for the Horn of Africa and Southern Africa regions.

Qamar was Founder & Co-Director, Haqabtir, Somali Voluntary Organization, Mogadishu, Somalia, the first national voluntary (nonprofit) organization in the history of Somalia. She served also in the capacity of National Project Manager, International Labor Organization, Mogadishu, Somalia and of inspector of schools, principal, and teacher in Mogadishu, Somalia. (She worked also in the Ministry of Education for the Somali government.)

Qamar holds a Certificate of Project Management in Rural Development, University of Connecticut, Hartford, CT, 1983, a Masters of Science, (Major in Nutrition), School of Public Health, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1981, a Bachelors of Science, (Major in Biology & Home Economics) College of Education, University of Somalia, Lafoole, Somalia, 1978, and a Teaching Diploma — National Teacher Training Center, Afgoi.

For the Center Qamar brings her extensive consulting experience in the area of community empowerment. Qamar, a native of Somalia, resides in Minneapolis with her family.

Roger Landy

Roger is a CPA with over twenty years of experience. He provides oversight for Center financial policies and financial systems; and he also provides financial consulting to other nonprofit organizations. Roger is a member of the Minnesota Society of CPAs and chairs on its Tax Conference Committee for 2006.

Doreene Langason
Project Coordinator, Trainer, and Program Administrator

Doreene comes to the Center from a background in Teaching and Human Resource Development, with an emphasis on workplace learning and organization development. Her expertise includes conducting research, developing strategies, selecting and adapting tools, and improving performance at the individual, process, and organizational levels. Currently Doreene coordinates the Center programs for African Immigrant Workers as well as African Women in Business. She also serves as administrator for the Victim Offender Mediation Association and as a volunteer consultant for LEAD (the Leadership Empowerment and Development Group).

Doreene is native of Cameroon where she has taught English, French, and Religious Education. In addition she has worked as a researcher and program coordinator for the National Language Association. Doreene has extensive cross-cultural skills and is fluent in Bafut (as well as in English, and French). From the University of Minnesota she holds a Masters of Education with specialization in Human Resource Development, and she is working on her doctorate in Education at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota.

Corneliu Loghin
Program Director, Consultant, Trainer, and Mediator

Cornel brings an expertise in restorative justice mediation, alternative dispute resolution, conflict management, facilitation, and negotiation. He relies on these core competencies in his role as President of the Association for Dialogue and Dispute Resolution, an affiliate organization of the Center. His background in business and the technical disciplines enables him also to offer services in system and organization design and in sound business management. This rare combination of social service and business acumen makes Cornel a great asset — to the Center and to its clients as well.

Cornel has a diverse education, experience, and expertise which serves him well in a multi-discipline organization such as the Center and the Association. He began his career chiefly as a mechanical engineer, and he holds degrees and certification from a number of Romanian universities and institutions, among them the Institute of Iasi, Mechanics Faculty and also the "Ghe. Asachi" Politechnic Institute of Iasi. He has served in the capacity of television studio and network manager as well as marketing and sales engineer before moving into the nonprofit sector.

Cornel serves on the board of directors of the Victim Offender Mediation Association (a Center client and a restorative justice professional association). He has fluency in English, French, and Italian, and he makes his residence in Iasi, Romania.

Rosemarie Merrigan
Consultant, Trainer, Mediator

Rosemarie is a senior trainer and consultant under contract with the Center. She has over twenty-five years of experience in social services and extensive experience in training, cultural diversity work, supervision, nonprofit management, and program and team development. As part of a team she developed and implemented an alternative school for adolescents that eventually became a charter school. She speaks conversational Spanish and has international work experience (chiefly in Central America).

Currently Rosemarie teaches as an adjunct at Augsburg College and also at the University of Minnesota in the social work graduate programs. She is also employed with the Minnesota Department of Transportation to provide mediation and conflict resolution services within their Affirmative Action office. She has a Master's in Social Work and is trained as a mediator (CDR).

Jeff Mincey
Project Coordinator

Jeff has worked for twenty-one years in software development and IT with a focus on management, quality assurance, and software testing. For the Center he designs data surveys and summaries, manages the technology infrastructure (including workstations, servers, data networks, and databases), develops the web site and configures the e-mail server, and he acts also in a general administrative capacity. Jeff also provides services directly to Center clients — predominantly in the area of Program Management.

When not working at the Center office, Jeff reprises his role as a writer and musician and he makes his home in Minneapolis with his family of felines.

Louise Miner
Consultant and Trainer

Louise has over twenty years of consulting experience in organizational development and team-building. She has extensive experience as a vice president in the banking industry and she was recognized as the Minnesota Organization Development Professional of the Year in 2001. She is also a professor in Organizational Leadership at the College of Saint Catherine. Louise holds a masters degree in Organizational Development. She lives in the Twin Cities where she is also a member of the Minnesota Chorale.

Evans Mirieri
Program Director

Evans has experience as the director of public relations and communication with a number of public and nonprofit organizations (or NGOs). He currently coordinates Project Daraja from the Center office in Nairobi, Kenya and he provides oversight of our restorative justice project with the Kenyan community in Minnesota as well. He brings to the Center team an expertise in multiple disciplines, among them organizational communication, program development and management, restorative justice mediation, public policy analysis, and NGO governance, leadership, and planning.

As a native of Kenya, Evans is fluent in three languages and has dual masters degrees — one in linguistics and the other in public administration and nonprofit management. In this photo Evans poses in front of one of the brush trees on the grounds of his home near the Athi River, some 50 kilometers from downtown Nairobi.

Michelle Mosner
Project Coordinator

Mary O'Hara
Consultant and Trainer
Health Care Executive

Barbara Raye
Executive Director and Founder
Consultant, Trainer, Mediator, Researcher, and Policy Analyst

Barbara has dedicated her career to improving the effectiveness of community-based nonprofit organizations and government agencies in their work for social justice and the ethical use of power. She has worked to this end also in universities and operating foundations. In all these sectors she brings an expertise in systems and culture change, collaboration, and program development and evaluation.

In Nonprofit as Executive Director and Board Member
Barbara began her career in Indiana as co-founder and director of two shelters for battered women and their children. She was also instrumental in the founding of the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence. During this time Barbara served as President of the Unitarian-Universalist Society of Columbus, Indiana, and she served two terms on the board of directors of Quinco, a five-county mental health organization then managed by John Carver.

Experience in Government
In 1983 Barbara relocated to Minnesota to serve as a Governor appointee to the Minnesota State Humane Society. Under her leadership as Executive Director, the number of animal welfare programs throughout the state grew from twenty to over forty, and she worked for legislation to promote the safety and ethical treatment of animals. From the Society Barbara moved to the Minnesota State Department of Corrections where she continued her work in state government as Director of Victim Services. During her tenure with the DOC, Barbara led the integration of four separate victims units into a single department as a measure to improve effectivenes and efficiency.

At the local level Barbara expanded her track record with government to include Ramsey County (the home of the state capitol) where she served as the Director of Policy, Planning, and Organization Development. In this role Barbara led and implemented the state's first citizen-based county-wide strategic plan which focused on cross-sector collaboration and introduced the discipline of outcomes and performance measures in departments throughout the county. In this and all her other government positions, (state and local), Barbara brought citizens and elected officials together for joint work on policy, legislation, and "outcomes accountability."

Work with Foundations
Barbara's record with foundations includes her tenure as Director of the Amherst H. Wilder Foundation's Training and Consulting Group which worked with scores of nonprofit and public sector organizations throughout the Twin Cities metropolitan area. Barbara led one Wilder initiative as part of a strategic decision to re-focus on the urban core issues and to streamline several departments to be more effective, efficient, and synergistic. Barbara was also an early member of the Development Committee of the Women's Foundation of Minnesota.

Work in the Education Sector
In the education sector, Barbara has served at Hamline University as an adjunct instructor in the Masters Degree Program in Public Administration and Nonprofit Management. She has led courses in Outcomes and Performance Measurement, Governance and Planning for Nonprofit Organizations, and Research and Program Evaluation for Managers. She also provides training and consulting through the College of St. Catherine in Leadership Development, Mediation, and Being an Effective Change Agent.

Private Consulting Practice
Throughout her career Barbara has cultivated and maintained a private consulting practice in the area of nonprofit board governance and management. It was this practice that eventually led to the formation of the Center.

Education and Training
Barbara has a Masters in Business Administration from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota. She also has specialized training in Minnesota Quality Award Criteria, the Peter F. Drucker Foundation National Training Team Self-Assessment Tool, the Carver Policy Governance Model for Boards of Directors and Governing Bodies, the Myers-Briggs Qualification, Asset-Based Community Development (McKnight/Kreitzman Northwestern University), the National Futurists "Shared Participation" group process leadership training, Fellowship of Reconciliation "Children's Creative Response to Conflict," and mediation by CDR in Boulder, Colorado. (Links to many of these organizations are available in the links page of our library.)

Barbara Today
Barbara's passions include restorative justice, large group/citizen engagement processes, and the elimination of systemic discrimination based on race, gender, physical disability, age, class, and affectional orientation. These passions lead to and inform Barbara's current work as Executive Director of the Center for Policy, Planning, and Performance. Barbara travels frequently in North America, Africa, and Europe and makes her home in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Russell Reetz
Consultant and Trainer

Russ has over thirty years of experience in government and criminal justice management — the last fifteen of which he served as Director of Washington County Court Services. In addition, he has served as an adjunct professor at Minnesota State University, Mankato, and as a Principle Practitioner for The Learning Labs On Outcomes. For the Center and others Russ consults and trains nationally on the subjects of restorative justice, corrections best practices, and performance-based measurement. He has a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership, and he makes his home in western Wisconsin where he enjoys developing his digital music library.

Ann Roberts
Trainer and Mediator

Annie is the former Outreach Director at the Center for Restorative Justice and Peacemaking at the University of Minnesota. She has great experience as mediator and facilitator and is well versed in a number of approaches (which include restorative justice dialogue and victim-offender mediation among others). As a published author and former Board Co-chair of the Victim Offender Mediation Association, Annie is committed to furthering best practice in the field and to advancing the locus of restorative justice standards, principles, and values. For the Center Annie provides training and mediation in restorative justice principles and practices. Annie is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Minnesota, School of Social Work, and she makes her home in Portland, Oregon.

Sophia Rodrigues
Administration and Accounting

Bernie Saunders
Consultant and Trainer

Bernie works in the areas of Integrative/Accelerated Learning and is co-author of numerous articles as well as the book, Ten Steps to a Learning Organization. He teaches at Hamline University’s Centre for Applied Leadership, St. Mary’s University, and the College of St. Catherine. Bernie has a degree in business management from St. Joseph’s College and a Masters in Applied Theology from the Berkeley Graduate Theological Union. He is also certified in the emotional intelligence assessment tool, BarOn EQ-i, and is a licensed member of the EQ Network. A photographer in fine art which is featured in exhibits throughout the midwest, Bernie makes his home in the Twin Cities of Minnesota.

Alfred Sesay
Consultant and Trainer
Program Coordinator, LEAD Group (Leadership Empowerment and Development Group)

Alfred is a former employee of the Minnesota Higher Education Services Office, the State Council on Black Minnesotans and the Michigan Department of Civil Rights. He has worked extensively with grassroots organizations in Michigan and Minnesota to strengthen the capacity of organizations serving refugees and new immigrant populations. While studying abroad (in Sweden) he worked as a salesperson for Skandinaviska Bokforlarget (a Swedish Publishing House).

After some time abroad, Alfred returned to the Twin Cities in 2002 and worked as an independent consultant in the areas of strategic planning, cross-cultural management, project planning and evaluation before joining the LEAD Group where he now serves as the program coordinator for the activities of the Partnership of African Communities (PAC).

A native of Sierra Leone, West Africa, Alfred received his Master's in Business Administration, Global Management, from the University of Phoenix, with a concentration in cross-cultural management of business enterprise. He was a Fellow at the Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs (University of Minnesota) where he obtained a Certificate in Leadership. Alfred holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration at Andrews University (extension campus) in England, and he now makes his home with his wife in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Hesbon Simba

Tina Sweeten
Consultant and Trainer

Tina has extensive experience in program development and also as a manager and director in various nonprofit organizations which provide youth services, senior services, and programs for people with mental and physical disabilities. She has worked with island communities in Alaska and other culturally specific communities in Minnesota. Tina has a masters degree with honors in Nonprofit Management from Hamline University and is a Certified Volunteer Administrator with experience in the recruitment and coordination of volunteer staff. Tina splits her time between residences in Minnesota and Mississippi.

Carol Swenson
Consultant, Trainer, Mediator, and Researcher

Carol has served as a research fellow and specialist at the Design Center for American Urban Landscape, College of Architecture at the University of Minnesota. She has worked also as a program associate for professional development and conference services at the U. of M. and as coordinator of the State of Minnesota Governor’s Residence Council. Throughout her career she has had a passion for nonprofit organizations and museums, historical preservation, and public education, and in she continues to work in various capacities in those areas. Carol has a masters degree in geography and a bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of Minnesota. She resides in St Paul, Minnesota.

Jim Theurer
Consultant, Trainer, Researcher, and Policy Analyst

Jim has served as Director of Research and Program Development for the Region Nine Development Commission. He also has worked as project lead on the design and implementation of a human resources and payroll software system for Ramsey County where he served as the Manager of Employee Benefits. In addition, for Ramsey County Jim served as Senior Policy Analyst in the county manager’s office and helped develop both a countywide strategic plan and an outcomes and performance measurement system. Jim has a masters degree in public administration from Hamline University.