URGENT APPEAL! Kenyan women and children need your help!

Dear friends, family members, colleagues, and clients of the Center:

I am writing with a request for your immediate action. Like southeast Asia and America's own Gulf Coast, Eastern Africa has been experiencing a wrenching natural disaster. In Kenya in particular, record drought has brought hunger, starvation, and death at a devastating level. As a result, we have received an urgent request from our friends in Garissa, Kenya, near the Somali and Ethiopian borders.

The staff of WomanKind Kenya, (a nonprofit organization committed to building economic capacity and ending abuse of women and girls), is watching dozens of women and children die of starvation daily. Hubbie Hussein Al-Haji and Sophia Adbi Noor, two co-founders, say, "If there was ever a time for our intervention and help it is now."

Many of the men have left the area in search of work and supplies to send back to their families. Unfortunately they are seldom successful and women and children abandoned in remote villages are now at death's door. International aid supplies are both limited and burdened by transportation and delivery hardships.

From its office in Nairobi, Kenya, the Center is facilitating an emergency collection from our colleagues and friends in the United States in order to buy food and to distribute it to the locations in Kenya where it is needed most. We don't use intermediaries or third parties to transport the food but instead have our own people on the ground distributing it directly. For this reason we can guarantee the food will reach those with the greatest need.

The money we normally spend on a single meal can make a great difference to the women and children of Kenya. So please send us your tax-deductible donation of $10, $25, $50, or $100 as soon as possible. The funds we collect will be wired to purchase and deliver food to starving women and children in the Ijara and Garissa districts of the North Eastern province of Kenya. The process has already begun and we have reports that the funds are reaching the areas of need. We will continue wiring money until mid spring.

Time is critical, so please do what you can. In addition to sending an amount today we ask also that you make a pledge to donate over the next three months. This is about saving lives and even the smallest donation can make an important difference so that others can live. Please forward this request to your entire network of board members, friends, and family.

Thank you so much.

Mail your donation to:

CPPP - Kenya Hunger
2233 University Avenue West
Suite 300
St. Paul, MN 55114

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Minnesota office at 612-874-0535 or call our Kenya office directly at 011-254-721-662-496.

The Center does not perform this work alone. In addition to Womankind Kenya, we co-operate and coordinate with a number of organizations which share our mission and which engage the people most impacted by a project. To that end, we support the work of The Generation for Change and Growth, an NGO working to meet the needs of people in Northern Kenya.

Thank you again for your help! It's making a difference, as Evans Mirieri reports in his first article on the progress of this initiative.

Barbara, 1 Februrary 2006

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