New NGO Management Program in Kenya

The Center for Policy, Planning, and Performance has just signed a memorandum of agreement with Western University in Kakamega, Kenya to provide a new 4-year undergraduate program in NGO management. In conjunction with this program, the University will create a new NGO Department. The Center will develop the curriculum, provide the instructors, and — in partnership with the University — promote and develop the new Center for NGO Management on the University campus.

Using Restorative Justice to Improve Somali-American Relationships

The Center and LEAD (a Minnesota nonprofit committed to building the capacity of African NGOs) are co-developing a pilot project (funded in part by the Phillips Family Foundation and the Bremer Foundation) to increase understanding and thereby improve the relationship of Somalis with American institutions, such as mainstream schools, the child welfare system, and the criminal justice system.

This will be achieved chiefly through the traditional Somali values of Zeer and the western principles of restorative justice. By leveraging the assets of traditional Somali culture, we can create more effective responses and interventions for Somali youth and families in the Twin-city Metro area.

Center Announces "Mediation Process Training"

The Center and CDR Associates present a forty-hour seminar on the best practices in mediation and adult learning. By means of exercises and dialogue, participants will learn theory, history, tools, contexts, and challenges of effective mediation while receiving feedback and coaching from experienced practitioners.

The Center Welcomes New Team Members

The Center is pleased to introduce its newest team members of Lacotref Bibbs, Pat Clark, Jan Goodwin, Toren Hansen, Michelle Mosner, and Sophia Rodrigues.

Lacotref assists in day-to-day administration for the Center. Pat joins the Center from her former position as Executive Director of the Fellowship of Reconciliation. For the Center she will lead program and development initiatives from her office in New York.

Jan joins the Center as a consulting associate. A humanitarian and award-winning journalist, she has published two books on the Taliban in Afhganistan, and she currently serves as the international news coordinator for Marie Clarie Magazine. Another newcomer is Toren Hansen, a doctoral student at the University of Minnesota. He is helping us finish our evaluation instrument for restorative justice programs as well as co-presenting the model at the International Institute for Restorative Justice Practices conference this fall.

Michelle, a graduate student at the Humphrey Institute, will coordinate mediation and conflict resolution training programs, and Sophia, a native of South Africa, brings administrative and bookkeeping skills as well as her educational background in Education and Human Resource Development.

We are very fortunate to benefit from the work, passion, commitment, and shared values of these gifted people.

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