African Immigrant Worker & Employer as Partners

Program Goals

The chief aim of this program is to provide African expatriate employees and their American employers with the tools they need to build respectful and rewarding working relationships and to effectively create and promote economic, social, and cultural justice within the context of the workplace. Specific program goals include:

  • Assisting African employees to better understand effective workplace behaviors, thereby enabling them to claim their rights to economic and labor protections in the workplace.

  • Assisting African employees to see the ways in which their current work environment and expectations differ from those of their country of origin and how they can be a success on the job and in the larger U.S. culture without having to discard their own cultural values.

  • Giving employers the opportunity to understand the unique values and needs of the African employee and how to create and promote quality and effective workplace cultures which can accommodate these within their own policies.

  • Helping employers and employees understand how to demonstrate respect, successfully communicate, and resolve cultural conflicts.

Planned Outcomes of This Program

  • Increase in cross-cultural supervision and management skills on the part of American employers.

  • Increase in cross-cultural communication and conflict resolution skills for all parties.

  • Increase in motivation, creativity, productivity and commitment of African expatriate employees.

Evaluation of Program Goals

The Center evaluates this program in three ways:
  • Each participant is asked to identify their goals for the training and the degree to which the training accomplished those goals.

  • Each participant is asked to report their level of satisfaction with the training content and presenters. This information is used throughout the program to ensure its quality and the ongoing improvement.

  • Post and pre evaluations with customized instruments are also used to evaluate the achievement of the three overall outcomes of the project.

The project evaluation report will be used:

  • To enhance access to economic, social and cultural justice in the workplace.

  • To create and sustain mutually respectful multicultural work environments.