Building Capacity...

—> Through Board Development

Effective Boards that Make a Difference

As the guardian of policy and vision, a well functioning board of directors is crucial to an effective organization. With its charge of governance, it represents one of the three basic pillars upon which an organization is built, and yet often boards can devolve into what is commonly referred to as a dysfunctional team of highly functional and competent individuals.

In recognition of this, the Center builds the capacity of the board (and of its committees as well) in part by deconstructing the function of governance and differentiating it from the functions of management and operations. The Center approach includes the development of a work group, training and testing for individual differences, creating group norms, and the use of a model of governance (such as the Carver Governance Model) to create a common language and set of values around the role, work, and discipline of the board. The Center also addresses the relationship between the board of directors and key staff in a way that builds a synergy between the two.