Building Capacity...

—> Through Becoming an Effective Change Agent

One of our core convictions is that we as individuals need not be leaders in order to contribute a positive change within our organizations, neighborhoods, and communities. We need only develop ourselves as change agents and likewise to seek out environments which foster and harness this ability.

The Individual as Change Agent

The first workshop is designed to help internal change agents better understand the richness of their own creative ideas and to develop their influence. It also teaches the dynamics and requirements of successful long-term change and how to use one's own skills and power to sustain a change process within our organizations. This includes how best to navigate the protocols, bureaucracy, and policies and procedures of an organization or government agency in order to effect change.

The Changing Organization

Even in organizations which sincerely embrace new possibilities, it's not uncommon to find a staff so consumed in the priorities of daily and weekly work routines that their new ideas scarcely have a chance to bubble to the surface. In the second workshop, then, the Center helps organizations better recognize and benefit from the creative ideas of the change agents on their staff. Not all change can (or should) be adopted, of course, but the organization which nurtures and encourages change agents to pursue new ideas and new solutions will be much the richer for it.