Building Capacity...

—> Through Leadership Development

The Center operates on the premise that leaders are essential if we are to advance the state of the art in the fields of human service and social justice and especially as we seek to build strong, sustainable, and healthy communities.

While leadership can vary in style and approach, a common denominator among all leaders is that they are willing to take risks for a vision. The Center cultivates and builds on this quality by performing an assessment in order to measure the values and approach of today's emerging leaders. This assessment focuses on commitment and growth in cultural awareness and development, organization development, and community or civic actions. It assesses the sensitivity and awareness of individuals and it enables the individual to develop a work plan for personal development and challenge.

The Center Individual Assessment (as well as steps for improvement) are based on learning, leadership, and listening styles, as well as on team development, and facilitation.

The Center also offers a training workshop, Leading for People, which focuses specifically on leaders who seek to bring out the best qualities in others. It places an emphasis on the inextricable link between success as a leader and an ethical, systems approach which can take root in communities and sustain itself.