Building Capacity...

—> Through Management Consulting and Training

The Center seeks not to impose a one-size-fits all management approach upon an organization but rather first to examine what's working well and what's not and then to build on the former while seeking to correct the latter. We recognize that a management style which is effective in one sector, field, or culture may not be effective or applicable elsewhere. For this reason we take an eclectic approach that enables us to build a management philosophy derived from the needs and unique character of a nonprofit or governmental organization rather than one imposed on it.

Of course, even as we seek indicators which come from the client organization itself, (i.e. from its mission, board policies, grant obligations, and stakeholder satisfaction), some concepts are fundamental and universal, and accordingly the Center starts with the premise that effective management goes hand in hand with sustainable outcomes for the whole organization. Against this backdrop of accountability we provide individualized coaching in a variety of specific areas:

Conducting the Effective Interview
Getting the Most out of Your Staff
Managing for Results
Creating a Work Environment that Embraces Diversity
Retaining a Culturally Diverse Work Force
Handling Conflict in a Positive Way
Navigating Difficult Conversations
Giving Performance Feedback