Building Capacity...

—> Through Outcome-based Performance Measures

Performance is where the rubber meets the road. It's what validates (or invalidates) an organization's internal policies, plans, and processes. It is both the means whereby a program delivers its product as well as the product itself.

The Center works directly with your organization and staff on the development of performance measures and evaluation criteria; and then we provide tools which clearly define and measure organization performance and which uncover and diagnose any breakdown (at the policy, planning, or process level) so a correction can be made quickly and cost-effectively.

Whether at the organization or program level, the Center defines performance on the basis of positive community impact (as expressed in the specific program goals). In so doing, the Center helps its clients make the shift from activity-based monitoring to outcome-based measurement and community accountability.

We have two training seminars in this topic area:

Getting Results that Matter
Outcomes and Performance Evaluation

Outcome Based Performance Measures
  • Begin with the mission and vision

  • Identify the mission-level elements:
    Community or organization level results, values, key partnerships, reputation.

  • Select indicators of these mission-level elements:
    How will we know when we succeed?

  • Establish data sources and baseline performance on each indicator:
    Use data sources to gather information at regular intervals.

  • Identify staff core competencies, strategy, and service mix

  • Identify program delivery mechanism, program-level results, and client impact

  • Select indicators of these program elements:
    How will we know when we succeed?

  • Document current performance level in each indicator:
    Measure against baseline and ensure data sources in order to continue gathering information.

  • Invoke priorities defined in the annual operating and implementation plan

  • Reconcile budget and resources against these priorities

  • Regularly monitor implementation of the plan

  • Regularly evaluate progress on the vision