Building Capacity...

—> Through Personal Effectiveness

Just as an organization uses the discipline of outcomes and performance measures to assess itself and its effectiveness, so likewise is it important for individuals to go through such an exercise, for it is individuals — or human resources — which make up the foundation of an organization's success. The Center has developed a toolbox designed specifically for individual assessment and development.

In addition to the individual assessment, the Center offers training in the mechanics of the effective leader. These mechanics include communication, time management, priority management, and self-organization (among others); and they are supported by an alignment between passion and purpose.

Everyone in an organization needs to know what is expected of them, how their work fits in the larger mission, and how to become reflecting and learning practitioners. When people understand who they are and what they do well, they can contribute to the organization and be effective in the workplace as well as in their families and communities.

Whether you are looking for skill building, coaching, or helping employees self assess and develop their own competencies, the Center’s wide range of services and resources can help.