Building Capacity...

—> Through Policy Analysis

Policy Analysis and its Implications

Policies worth taking care to develop are later worth taking care to analyze and assess. To this end the Center employs outcomes and performance measures which are custom designed specifically for the evaluation of policy and its efficacy.

When an organization gets off track or fails to perform at its optimal level, it's seldom self-evident whether it has done so because it has failed to observe its policies or whether instead it is the policies which have failed to serve the organization. Sometimes the answer proves to be as simple as to increase the compliance to policies. On other occasions, compliance is precisely the problem, and a policy analysis may reveal that the policies themselves are not yielding the outcomes for which they were designed in which case a revision or amendment will be indicated. And of course in some instances an issue or problem may reveal the lack of an applicable policy altogether.

The Center can help you navigate these permutations. It analyzes and evaluates not only an individual policy but also how it operates in the context of the larger body of policies which govern your organization or public agency. We do this because policies which appear in isolation to be effective may nonetheless result in a net harm if they don't fit in well with the general governing principles of an organization's culture and values.

By examining a policy in its context and against the backdrop of the organization mission, and by applying the discipline of performance measures to policy analysis, the Center is better positioned to learn precisely where the problem lies and where corrections need to be made.