Building Capacity...

—> Through Effective Retreats

Planning the Effective Retreat

Time for reflection, revisioning, refocusing, and team building is an essential element of leadership and effectiveness. It's where new ideas are born, ideas which otherwise might never have been cultivated amid the daily operations of the office. Most organizations recgonize this and accordingly hold periodic board and staff retreats. But when the retreat is done, how can an organization ensure that its new ideas are not orphaned on a flip chart and that they are instead integrated into practice?

In part, the answer lies in the design of the retreat itself. The Center works with an organization or group to design an agenda that addresses key issues, meets the learning needs of participants, and allows for informed decisions regarding personal renewal and organizational direction. The Center also can provide content and facilitate the sessions as desired. Most important, the Center can subsequently help an organization to mine the retreat of its most creative ideas and to implement them in the context of existing projects and programs.