Consulting and Training Services of the Center

The Center provides capacity building and organization development services in a variety of focus areas and competencies. Our domain name, "," reflects this mission to help our client organizations become more effective.

One of our founding principles is that all communities are rich in hard-working and creative nonprofit and public organizations that provide valuable services to their constituencies. We seek to strengthen and enhance this value by providing consulting and training in a wide variety of topics and formats.

Our first order of business is to listen to the client in order to determine the nature and context of the need we are asked to meet. We don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions; we custom design our services on a just-in-time basis to meet the special requirements of the client. In many cases we can also provide a service directly. For example, in addition to management consulting or training, we can provide the program management itself.

Foremost we seek to empower and build the capacity of our client. We do this by developing the internal resources and assets of an organization and also by strengthening its relationships and strategies for optimal performance in the service of its mission. We never lose sight of this standard (of organization purpose and mission). Enhanced ability to make a positive difference in this world is how we and our clients define success.

Directory of Consulting and Training Services

Geographic Scope of Services
We operate chiefly in North America, (we are based in St Paul, Minnesota), but we serve clients also in Europe and Africa as well. We also maintain an office in Nairobi, Kenya, and we have an affiliate office in Iasi, Romania.

How to Request Services
For more information, call us at 612-874-0535 or send email. We will assist you in determining which of our services can best meet your needs and connect you with the consultants, trainers, facilitators, mediators, etc., that best fit your organization and current circumstances.

Fees and Rates
While some Center programs are funded by grants, by and large we are a fee-for-service organization. The services we provide within our consulting and training program in particular usually carry a fee. The specific amounts vary with each contract. In some cases we negotiate a flat fee while for other services we charge an hourly rate. For more details: Center Fees and Rates

We invite you to learn more about our consulting and training program and the specific services it comprises by visiting the areas of your interest in our Service Directory. We invite you also to visit our Philosophy of Service page.