Goals of Project Daraja

  1. To support the target community in development activities that will be planned and implemented cooperatively.

  2. To build networks that develop indigenous capacity, appropriate technology and skill at all levels.

  3. To develop and maintain relationships which provide effective channels for mutual growth and action with our partners.

  4. To identify, promote and expand equitable and participatory involvement of women in the development process in alleviating poverty, improving health and expanding the use of restorative justice principles.

  5. To facilitate the right ability of our partners to attain their full potential and to assist their communities achieve their collective potential.

Project goals for the next year:

  1. Education and Training

    1. Launch two-year Diploma in NGO Management in partnership with Kenyatta University

    2. Partnership with Kenya National NGO Council on training and workshops for NGO management

  2. Restorative Justice

    1. Nationwide community-based training and program development on mediation and restorative justice – funded by Kenya Ministry of Justice and U.S. Embassy Department of Cultural Affairs and Fulbright Program

    2. Continued partnership with Children’s Law Center of Kenya regarding children’s rights

  3. Community Development

    1. Direct contribution of funds for:

      1. Transportation costs to deliver 25,000 books from Books for Africa

      2. Roundabout Playground Pumps to ensure safe water supply to schools

    2. Community development work with two local villages to:

      1. Develop sustainable water supplies

      2. A nurse exchange initiative to provide basic public heath information programs through local schools and clinics

      3. Support women’s groups in developing cottage industry projects and AID’s awareness and prevention