The Vision and Core Values of Daraja

The people in our partner Kenyan communities thrive in relationships with each other that together create resources, solve problems, and contribute to each other’s well being. Our own well being and that of the larger Kenyan and world populations is likewise enhanced though our relationships with the peoples of our partner communities.

Core Values

A worldwide community promotes self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-sufficiency, just as self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-sufficiency likewise promote a worldwide community. These values emerge when people are enabled to do the right things for themselves.

Communities themselves are best equipped to identify their assets, strengths, and priorities, even as their partners can help them develop the resources and skills necessary to succeed.

Building healthy communities depends directly on the good health of the individuals who compose them. The health of the mind and body go hand in hand; and healthy individuals cannot live in an inexorable poverty.

Restorative justice mediation — as an alternative (where possible) to a punitive approach to conflict resolution — serves to heal families and build communities.

Everyone is entitled to build a productive life of dignity and purpose in accord with their own values and culture. We are all enriched by our cultural differences as well as by what we share in common. Differences represent not a threat but — quite the contrary — an opportunity to learn.

Once established, relationships of trust and respect remain strong and individuals within in the relationship grow strong. In turn, individuals will strengthen and support the progress of their own communities. Communities in relationship with each other create a world community that strives for peace and justice.