Program Management and Administration

In today's climate, an increasing number of nonprofit organizations find themselves constrained by limited resources or ill-equipped to step into day-to-day management duties during changes in leadership and still discharge their mission and oversight responsibilities. The Center fills this need by acting as a board's contract staff — with full accountability for measurable outcomes and performance. While the board retains authority and stewardship over organization mission, policies, plans, and governance, the Center, as the board's agent, manages and runs the administrative, technical, and programmatic underpinnings consistent with board policies and priorities.

Who Can Benefit from This Service?

The Center can help if your organization:
  • in transition or needs an interim project manager to create or launch a new initiative.

  • ...if you are closing down or moving your offices while at the same time seeking to continue operations.

  • ...if you have had a sudden and unexpected loss of key personnel.

  • ...if your board and stakeholders are international and you need a virtual office which can sustain your organization without the added expense of payroll, capital equipment, or a brick-and-mortar fixed location.