Center for Policy, Planning, and Performance

Office based in Saint Paul, MN and an affiliated organization in Romania

Specializing in Organizational & Social Change Since 1999

The Center for Policy, Planning, and Performance believes in a systems approach to change. We believe that the effectiveness of public or organizational policies are directly linked to the engagement and participation of the community and other impacted people in helping to create them and the means of measurement and accountability.

The center is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization which provides consulting and training services to progressive nonprofit and government organizations. When consultation or training isn’t enough, the Center provides program management and administration.

Services are custom designed in order to create a solution which fully satisfies the unique requirement of each client. By understanding the nature and context of each need we are asked to meet, we can provide meaningful capacity building and organization development. Our efforts are to enhance the internal resources and assets of an organization and strengthen its relationships and strategies for optimal performance in the service of its mission.

What We Do

The Center for Policy, Planning, and Perfomance partners with individuals, organizations, and communities to effectively create and sustain social justice. Our work includes:

  • A comprehensive set of organizational consulting services

  • A wide range of individual training and professional development
  • Restorative Justice, mediation, and facilitation services

Governance, Policy & Planning

  • Board Development
  • Developing a Statment of Purpose of Mission
  • Developing Policies for Governance & Operations
  • Policy Analysis & Implications
  • Organization Assessment & Evaluation
  • Strategic Plan Design & Implementation
  • Retreat Planning

Administration & Operations

  • Management for Nonprofit & Government
  • Right to Supervision Workshop
  • Program Development
  • Facilitation: Running Effective Meetings
  • Developing & Improving Process
  • Project Management
  • Establishing Outcomes & Performance Measures

Relationship Building

  • Cultivating & Maintaining a Respectful Workplace
  • Mediation, Dialogue, Conflict Resolution, & Restorative Justice
  • Collaboration
  • Community engagement and large group facilitation and consensus building

Human Resources

  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Being an Effective Change Agent Training
  • Leadership Development
  • Cultural Competence
  • Increasing Resilience
  • Introduction to Systems Thinking
  • Sexual harassment, ethics, cross-cultural communication, and conflict resolution
  • Team Building: Working in Teams 

We pledge to produce results that respect the whole individual, to use power ethically in relationships that are mutually accountable, and to build and sustain violence-free communities.

Highlighted Projects

Corridor Development Initititive

Restorative Justice

Beacon Bluff

MnDot DBE & Workforce Collaborative

Kind Words

“Barbara Raye has the very skillful ability to balance theoretical models of planning and community building with real life application. To this end, one of her key strengths lies in getting people to think and act in different ways.  Ways that are right, just and empowering.”

Reggie Edwards

Former City Admisistrator, City of Chisago, MN

“Barbara has the ability to look at complex issues and explain them to others in ways that are understandable and useful.  This ability to help translate complexity into simpler forms is one of the ways she encourages people to become more involved in decision-making.  They begin to see ways that their efforts can make a difference – and lead to positive change.”

Kim Boyce

Former Director, U of M Extension Service - Ramsey County

We are grateful for your leadership…this was a crucial experience for us. We needed a boost and an effective invitationto fucs and bond. You provided that beautifully.

Jim Smith

Simpson Housing Services

Our Donors

The majority of the work for the Center for Policy, Planning & Perfomance is funded by contracts with orgainzations. However, the following foundations have provided the CPPP small grants for project funding over the years:

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Primary operations are based in St. Paul, Minnesota and an affiliated organization in Romania. Please contact us for assistance in determining which of our services and locations can most successfully benefit you.

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