Center for Policy Planning & Performance

Purpose & Values

Our Purpose

To enhance the effectiveness of nonprofit and public sector organizations to positively impact the lives of the people and communities they serve.

To engage in work that reduces disparities in access, participation, and/or outcomes.

To join the efforts of those who share our mission in genuine partnership and collaboration.

We Hold The Following Values


A systems approach that acknowledges the fundamental relationship between the desired outcome of a policy, the processes used for planning and implementing it, and the criteria and data used to evaluate its effectiveness.


Effective government and mission/results-driven nonprofits contribute significantly to safe, healthy and empowered communities.


Ethical behavior, appropriate boundaries, and focus on mission define integrity. Nothing is effective without integrity.


People who are affected by an action, have a right to define and influence the decision making processes that lead to that action.


Action must always be taken within the unique context and culture of an organization and the communities it serves.


The most powerful source of leadership is individuals acting as reflective agents of change from their own place of influence.


An effective organization has a decentralized decision making process which is held together by core values, a shared vision, and clearly defined outcomes.

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