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The Corridor Development Initiative

Barbara Raye and Gretchen Nicholls co-designed the CDI creating a process for community engagement, learning and input into development opportunities in advance of city RFP’s, site plans, or architectural drawings. By gathering input in advance of a development both the city and developer can learn the aspirations a community has for a site or general area (such as around light rail stops.)

In addition, both the city and developer understand what a community does not want and what issues concerns them about development or redevelopment. Community members also become more familiar with development language and considerations and better consumers and partners of a developer in their community. The CDI has won both state and national planning awards. Gretchen now manages the program through Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) with a team of professional designers, architects, facilitators, and market and TOD experts. The project has worked with over 25 city, county, and developer projects.

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