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Kind Words

Thanks again for sharing your talents with us. It helped contribute to the spirit in the room which was serious yet upbeat and at times playful. A great atmosphere to take on a challenging task.

Nice job of incorporating new thoughts/directions into the old plan.

Just letting you know the Board approved the updated Strategic Plan this morning. As one Board member stated and the other’s agreed, “Barbara does an outstanding job making sense out of all of our discussion and notes.” I concurred!

Jerry Hromatka

Northeast Youth and Family Service

It has been a privilege and a pleasure to work with Barbara Raye in a variety of settings and circumstances.  She is one of the most clear, “on purpose” consultants I have ever met.  Barbara has a collaborative spirit that pervades her work.  She communicates easily with diverse groups, builds strong consensus, and facilitates mutual understanding with tremendous ease and grace. Barbara has the passion of her convictions and brings her full self to every situation.  I cannot recommend her too highly.

Louise M. Miner

President, Mironet Consulting

The work you do heals and I can’t imagine the kind of legacy your organization will leave because of the tremendous impact you have on organizations.

All my best!

Paul Fleissner

Director, Olmsted County Community Services

“I just wanted to let you know, your role as a consultant is important to me as you often catch things I miss, which is the way it should work. Your active involvement on our conference calls has helped us a lot as you are more sensitive in many cases to personality issues, and you have good ideas.”

Kate Mackin

Midwest Attainable Housing

I write to thank you for your facilitation of our yearlong process, which was nothing short of amazing. Your facilitation of our diverse motivations and opinions and desired outcomes resulted in our coming together to develop a consensus. I did not think it was possible for all of us to arrive at a single vision. But somehow, you managed the distrust, the strong personalities, skepticism and passions and led us to a place where we could come up with a vision that respected each faction’s deeply held beliefs for what needed to be part of a final outcome.

 You achieved all this by helping us remain civil, respectful and even adjourning meetings relatively on time. When I look back on it, you were willing to absorb tons of the frustration and irritation we were casting around the room. You took it on yourself, and kept it from dividing us further. I never thought you could do it.  But you did.  And I give you all the credit that a consensus was reached.

Jane L. Prince

Council Member, City of St. Paul and SPPA 3M Advisory Committee

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